In this article, We will explore the Heartburn and Acid Reflux Remedy & list of lifestyle changes that the patients could adopted to eliminate and prevent heartburn and acid reflux.


Heartburn Remedy

While heartburn is a lifelong, chronic illness, there are some simple heartburn remedy methods that you can follow to make sure that the problem will not affect you in a big way.


Heartburn Remedy – Eating Smaller Meals

One of the heartburn remedy methods that you can do to limit the effects of heartburn is to eat smaller meals more often. When you keep to a diet pattern that includes little meals at regular intervals throughout the day, you reduce the possibility of causing a back-up in your stomach.

Having less food in your stomach also helps to put less stress on the LES muscles which are responsible for closing the passageway between the oesophagus and the stomach.

Keeping In Shape

Keeping in shape is another important heartburn remedy technique to consider if you have a reflux condition. When overweight, the abdomen pushes on the stomach, causing excess fluid to be pushed into the oesophagus.

A study that was conducted on heartburn showed that a full thirty-five per cent of all overweight people experience heartburn.

Reduce Smoking And Alcohol Consumption

Other significant lifestyle factors to monitor are your consumption of alcohol and smoking. Nicotine, the most active ingredient in cigarettes, causes a relaxation of the oesophagal sphincter, allowing fluids to roam freely.

Smokers also experience an increased buildup of acid in their stomachs. While not as visible as other factors, stress can also play a hand in a heartburn condition.

Avoiding Acid Stimulating Foods

One significant thing to note is that heartburn’s effect on your body is increased when you eat certain acid-creating foods. Food that are to be avoided include:

  • Citrus fruits
  • Potatoes
  • Raw onions
  • Ground beef
  • Buffalo wings
  • Chicken nuggets
  • Thick dairy products such as ice cream or cottage cheese

Other foods with that increase the acid in your system include:

  • Macaroni and cheese
  • Spaghetti
  • Any type of liquor or wine
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Certain salad dressings

If you can avoid eating these foods as much as possible, you’ll be doing your body a favour and decreasing your chance of encountering heartburn.


Heartburn Remedy – Don’t Eat Before Bedtime

Another heartburn remedy technique to consider is when you are eating your meals. For those with heartburn, it is recommended to eat your last meal at least two to three hours before you go to bed. This is significant due to the fact that lying down causes added pressure to be put on the LES muscles, increasing the chance of reflux.

Simply elevating your head with extra pillows can help to decrease heartburn as well, since gravity weighs on the LES muscles when you are lying down flat.


Keeping A Record

When trying to treat your heartburn condition, it is generally a good idea to keep a record of your progress. Record when and why you experienced heartburn so that you can better understand which behaviours to avoid in the future.

After you get a good baseline for exactly what is causing your heartburn conditions, consult a doctor to get a professional opinion on what you should do to avoid future problems with this chronic illness.

Natural Remedy For Acid Reflux

As an acid reflux treatment, you will likely be given medication to begin right away after you are diagnosed with acid reflux disease.

However, if you hate taking acid reflux medication every day, you might want to seek out methods of natural remedy acid reflux to help you in your to eliminate acid reflux.

While stopping your medication is not recommended, there may be things that can help you use a smaller dosage of medication or even simply help you through acid reflux symptoms your medication doesn’t entirely get rid of. Take a look at these techniques of natural remedy for acid reflux that may or may not help you with your acid reflux.

Heartburn and Acid Reflux Remedy

Natural Remedy For Acid Reflux – Water Therapy

Water therapy is one of the techniques for a natural remedy for acid reflux. One big mistake many people with chronic acid reflux make is not drinking enough water. In fact, you may not be getting the eight glasses of water a day your body requires.

When you do drink enough water, your body can more easily absorb that acid that causes all of the problems. So, you should certainly help your body function at its best and drink as much water as possible.

Root Therapy

Another natural remedy for acid reflux is root therapy. Many alternative medicine specialists depend on roots and herbs to treat many things. Acid reflux and indigestion are often treated with ginger. In fact, experts in natural remedy for acid reflux say that if you eat ginger with your meals, you will have fewer episodes with acid reflux and indigestion. You can take around 500mg with your meal to get the best results.


Fibre Therapy

Another natural remedy for acid reflux is fibre. The more fibre you consume, the less likely you are to have acid reflux symptoms. When you eat a lot of fibre, your body will more easily digest the acid from the foods you eat.

Adding more fibre to your diet is a great idea for many reasons, not only for your acid reflux symptoms. You can always use fibre pills or drinks to add fibre if you have trouble getting it via your normal diet.

Herbal Tea Therapy

Another natural remedy for acid reflux is herbal tea. Many experts think herbal teas can cure almost anything. In fact, herbal teas have been known to greatly help those with acid reflux or indigestion problems. You can try green tea after each meal to help your body digest your food more effectively. In addition, green tea is great for taming an upset stomach. There are also teas other than green tea that can help with symptoms. You can choose teas that have peppermint or liquorice root in them. Teas with chamomile and catnip are also very helpful with indigestion.

Chiropractic Manipulations

Another natural remedy for acid reflux is chiropractic manipulations. It is not confirmed that chiropractic manipulations will help with acid reflux. In fact, some doctors don’t recommend chiropractic treatments for acid reflux at all.

However, some patients claim that these types of manipulations help them greatly with their acid reflux symptoms. So, if you are interested in alternative therapies for your acid reflux, you can certainly give chiropractic manipulation a try and see if it helps you.

So, remember that although medication is the preferred method of treatment for acid reflux at this time, there are methods for a natural remedy for acid reflux you can try. Talk with your doctor about these methods for a natural remedy for acid reflux.

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