Heartburn is also known as acid reflux. A person is suffering from heartburn when he or she feels a burning sensation rising from their stomach into their lings and eventually into their throat. This is a disease that affects millions of people each year.


Heartburn cannot be cured but can be controlled through diet, exercise, and heartburn medication. Heartburn is when the body makes too much stomach acid. This acid can escape and travel to the lungs. It burns and can cause a person to become very sick.


People who are under enormous stress generally suffer from heartburn. There is a risk of a heart attack when a person has heartburn. The acid can damage arteries and make blood flow almost not possible. Treating heartburn immediately is recommended.


Heartburn And Indigestion

Indigestion occurs when a person eats too much too quickly or eats too much greasy food. It usually takes two or three hours for the uncomfortable feeling to disappear. When a person suffers from heartburn, it could take days before a person will feel better. After two or three times, a person should seek out a doctor and find out if they have heartburn.


They will have to take heartburn medication and change the way they eat in order to prevent it from happening too often. This is easier said than done for some people. Particularly those who enjoy eating lots of unhealthy foods that are not so good for them.


Since most people enjoy eating fast food, a person with heartburn may not be able to eat at these types of places unless they can find foods that do not have lots of greases. Greasy foods can trigger heartburn. This can be worse for some and not for others.


A person should keep a diary of foods that had a positive or negative reaction. In two or three weeks, a person will have a better idea of the kind of foods they should eat the kinds of foods they should avoid.


Heartburn Relief

Heartburn is something a person will have to live with. Over time, they will be able to keep heartburn from occurring often. With proper eating habits and medication, a person can feel safe eating foods and enjoying their life. While it heartburn reliefmay take some time to figure out which foods are safe and which ones will cause heartburn, once a person does, they can prepare healthy meals and also make better choices when eating at a restaurant.


Heartburn Medications

Heartburn can be regulated with heartburn medications sometimes. For some, heartburn medication is not sufficient, for others, it is all they need to live a happy, productive life. Some heartburn medications can help the body refrain from producing as much acid. Others can help close sore or ulcers that may be in the stomach that can produce acid.


With heartburn medication, a person will not experience as much pain when heartburn occurs. It is significant, however, do not take a medication that contains an ingredient a person is allergic to. Inform the doctor of allergies and they will find a heartburn medication that is safe.

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