Causes Of Heartburn


Many people asking “what causes heartburn and how to avoid it??”

Actually there haven’t been many studies to help suggest that hereditary conditions play a part in heartburn. However, doctors do believe that the main cause of heartburn disease comes from a hereditary condition in our genes. The others believe that the causes of heartburn disease can come from many sources involving diet.

In this article, We will explain what causes heartburn, and what are the foods, drinks, habits that you should avoid to keep yourself healthy without digestion disease. We will start with an introduction about the heartburn and then introduce the list of the main causes of heartburn.


What is Heartburn?

Heartburn disease is the most common digestive disorder in the world. About one in five people suffer from heartburn and/or the regurgitation of acid into the oesophagus or mouth. Those who have a usual pattern of heartburn disease are at a greater risk of developing oesophagal cancer.

What causes Heartburn

What are the main causes of Heartburn?

There are several foods and drinks that could cause heartburn. Lifestyle and habits also could cause the heartburn

Here is a list of foods, drinks and habits that are known to cause the heartburn and acid reflux disease.

If you want to avoid the digestion disease, try to avoid these things, and protect yourself against the risk factors if the disease by adopting a healthy diest and stop some bad habits and behaviours.

  • Coffee And Other Drink

Coffee, tea or other drinks that have caffeine in them are the first and foremost cause of heartburn disease.

These types of drinks relax the digestive system and allow the stomach contents to reflux up into the oesophagus.

  • Chocolates

Chocolate stands in the second position among the causes of heartburn since it contains concentrations of theobromine, which also relaxes the oesophagal sphincter muscle, which allows the stomach to squirt acid up into the oesophagus.


  • Fried And Fatty Foods

Third, to consider is fried and fatty foods. These types of foods slow down the digestion process which causes food to remain in the stomach longer. This increases the pressure on the stomach and allows reflux of the stomach contents.


  • Tomato Bases Products

Tomatoes and tomato-based products are other common causes of heartburn. As with the above three conditions it causes the digestive system to relax which leads to heartburn.


  • Alcohol And Tobacco

Alcohol not only causes the digestive system to relax like the above items but it also causes an increase in stomach acid, which increases the risks of heartburn disease. Tobacco is also another common cause of heartburn. As the chemicals in cigarettes move from the lungs into the bloodstream, they can weaken the oesophagus and digestive system making it more susceptible to heartburn.


  • Large Meals

Large meals stand at seventh place among causes of heartburn since a full stomach puts added pressure on the lower oesophagal sphincter. This added pressure increases the change of food refluxing back into the oesophagus.


  • Citrus Fruit

Citrus fruits and juices are another cause of heart. As with most of the other foods and drinks on this list, they cause the lower oesophagal sphincter to relax which causes heartburn problems to develop.


  • Eating Before Bedtime

Eating two to three hours before you go to sleep is another factor in heartburn disease. If you lay down on a full stomach, you will cause the contents to have added pressure on the lower oesophagal sphincter, which increases your chances of refluxed food.

  • Wearing Tight Fitting Clothes

Wearing tight-fitting clothing or belts stand at tenth place among the causes of heartburn. If you wear anything, tight around the abdomen this will squeeze the stomach and force food up against the oesophagus, which causes food to reflux.



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